A very brief word on teaching for social justice…

All schools serve the societies in which they’re embedded—authoritarian schools serve authoritarian systems, apartheid schools serve an apartheid society, and so on. Practically all schools want their students to study hard, stay away from drugs, do their homework, and so on. In fact none of these features distinguishes schools in the old Soviet Union or fascist Germany from schools in a democracy, and in fact those schools produced some excellent scientists and athletes and musicians and so on. They also produced obedience and conformity, moral blindness and easy agreement, obtuse patriotism and a willingness to follow orders right into the furnaces. In a democracy one would expect something different—a commitment to free inquiry, questioning, and participation; a push for access and equity; a curriculum that encouraged free thought and independent judgment; a standard of full recognition of the humanity of each individual. In other words, social justice.

22 Responses to A very brief word on teaching for social justice…

  1. tim baker says:

    I’m basically a conservative, but such harsh critics set a poor emample for the younger generations. Why don’t post ideas that you are in favor of if you must trydiscourage those who have an open mind ? Simply degrading the liberal approach makes us conservatives look shrill and morally weak.

  2. CharlieMansion says:

    Won’t You Please Write to Chicago (as in UIC where billy sucks the tit of your taxes)

    Right wing students minds are gagged
    By slick billy and his hag
    Won’t you please write to Chicago
    To have diveristy ring

    In UIC’s hoary walls
    The truth Billy stalls
    Won’t you please write to Chicago,
    “curators, bring some sanity”

    Willy can change the world
    He’ll rearrange the world
    He’s lying
    If you disagree with him
    You’re flunking
    If you disagree with her
    You’re flunking
    Bigger and bigger lies
    Tenure and blind support he needs them
    Curators open up your eyes!

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