1. A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon Press, 1997)
  2. The Good Preschool Teacher: Six Teachers Reflect on Their Lives (Teachers College Press, 1989)
  3. To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher (Teachers College Press, 1993)
  4. To Become a Teacher: Making a Difference in Children’s Lives (Teachers College Press, 1995)
  5. A Light in Dark Times: Maxine Greene and the Unfinished Conversation (Teachers College Press, 1997)
  6. City Kids/City Teachers: Reports from the Front Row (The New Press, 1996)
  7. Teaching for Social Justice: A Democracy and Education Reader (The New Press and Teachers College Press, 1998)
  8. A Simple Justice: The Challenge of Small Schools (Teachers College Press, 2000)
  9. Zero Tolerance: Resisting the Drive for Punishment—A handbook for parents, students, educators and citizens (The New Press, 2001)
  10. Sing a Battle Song: The Revolutionary Poetry, Statements, and Communiques of the Weather Underground 1970 – 1974 (Seven Stories Press, 2006)
  11. Fugitive Days: A Memoir (Beacon Press, 2001)
  12. On the Side of the Child: Summerhill Revisited (Teachers College Press, 2003)
  13. Teaching the Personal and the Political: Essays on Hope and Justice (Teachers College Press, 2004)
  14. Teaching Toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom (Beacon Press, 2004)
  15. Teacher Lore: Learning From Our Own Experiences (Longman, 1992)
  16. Prairie Fire (Red Dragon Press, 1976)

9 Responses to Books

  1. bill clinton says:

    drop dead

  2. stacey zembik says:

    I am curious as to who you are. Are you the big, bad, mean, coniving, terroists you wish to be? Or are you just another big mouth first amendment wanna be? Did you REALLY mean the things they said you’ve said about wishing you could do more in bombing all the sites and the damage that was done? If so, why aren’t you in prison? Do you hide behind your credentials and claim to be the innocent liberal who dares to speak out and challenge against the conservative side of issues? It seems to me, since you still live HERE in a free US, that you are mostly full of shit and don’t really want the change you seem to stand for. You just want to be recognized and heard as a sympathetic, “I care more than you”, kinda a guy. If you really are for socialism, why don’t you move you and your family to somewhere where your point of view is more accepted and since you are more “enlightened” than most, improve the conditions somewhere else? Or perhaps you’d like to wait till you children get out of private school? Seems to me you’re all talk. You would like to stand for freedom without actually giving any sacrifice for freedom. As long as you’re among the elitist group, who really will challenge you, right? If you’ve got a GOOD argument as to why, and not a selfish one, then by all means articulate it. In my opinion, you wouldn’t recognize sacrifice if it crawled up in your lap and called you Daddy.

  3. Brittani4bill says:

    Don’t be cruel

  4. tamarika says:

    I also loved your responses in Tahar Ben Jelloun’s: Racism Explained to My Daughter. In fact, I used that book for a couple of semesters with undergraduate early childhood students. I especially love your book, A Kind and Just Parent; and I had great success using Teaching Toward Freedom with my undergraduate students.
    Keep on keeping on! I am so grateful you are out there broadening our perspectives and telling us the truth.

  5. Lacy O'Neill says:

    Make sure only to post the comments that make you look good, Billy.

    Old “Bill Clinton” will be dismissed, and the useful idiot Tamarika will seem like good pr.

    Coward to the core.

  6. Sam Pierce says:

    Does “A Kind and Just Parent” lovingly nurture his children to develop into a slimeball that declares war on his own country and sets bombs against his fellow citizens.

  7. ryan says:

    Hey Sam, you obviously haven’t done your homework. Bill never set bombs against his fellow citizens. The WU always went to great precautions to make sure there were never civilian casualties, which is much more than one can say in regards to the bombing campaigns simultaneously going on in Vietnam & Cambodia.

  8. CharlieMansion says:

    One of the WU bombs killed a puppy once. A poor little innocent.

  9. CharlieMansion says:


    Please let us know at what college or university you propogate Willie’s crap. I want to make sure I never send my kids there. I’m sure just like Willie, you let your student’s minds be open to ideas, as long as they are yours.

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