People, People, People…

Take a deep breath… breathe in the good air, breathe out the bad air. Feels better, right? Now eat some food– just enough, mostly plants– rest, sweat, hydrate. Keep breathing. Stand up and stretch. Mmmm, good.

A couple of notes on this site:

I get a lot of comments, and it’s taken some time to figure out how and what to post. Those that make me reconsider or rethink, those that extend or trouble my own taken-for-granted assumptions, are easily the best, and up they go. Those that respond to the post or to a thread, yup. Just flipping out without regard to anything said or posted seems silly, and I mostly pass on those. For example, lots of traffic on the presidential race, and lots of assumptions about where I stand and who I’m “backing,” all wildly uninformed, none of it based on what I write (as opposed to what’s written about me).

So, I try to balance the love and the hate on the comments here, just so we can all see what’s out there, but I feel no obligation to post everything flying my way– get your own spot and rant on. All whining about “censorship” is automatically out– the first amendment constrains the state (the government shall make no law…) but does not insist that Fox, to take an example, has to hand the mic to anyone who asks. I also can only read a fraction of what gets posted, so I’m sure I miss a lot. Sorry, but that’s it.

Keep breathing…

8 Responses to People, People, People…

  1. chitownbeliever says:

    You betcha!

  2. Steve says:

    “For example, lots of traffic on the presidential race, and lots of assumptions about where I stand and who I’m “backing,” all wildly uninformed, none of it based on what I write (as opposed to what’s written about me).”

    But correct nonetheless:

    “It was late afternoon, and Ayers was talking about his plans for the evening: he was heading to Grant Park with some friends for what they assumed would be a mass victory party. “This is an achingly exciting moment,” he said.”

    – New Yorker

  3. anne says:

    I’m just so amazed at all the hate-filled “patriots” who are apparently completely ignorant of America’s long history of war and genocide, both here and abroad. America can do no wrong, in these people’s minds, apparently. When someone is bold enough to point out the evil we have done – such as Ayers or Rev. Wright – they are seen not as the patriots they are but as “terrorists” who “hate America”. Folks, it is the mindless crowd who uncritically accept whatever our “Leaders” say and do who are the real un-American evildoers. Those of us who truly love our country are angry and disturbed when we collectively do evil deeds in the name of “democracy”.

  4. I delete comments because they are off-topic, personal attacks or just because they are droolingly idiotic. People complain about “censorship” and I suggest that they start their own blogs. This is the crux of the problem: who would read a blog which consists of angry, ignorant rants? They’d rather hijack the threads on blogs with large readerships than try to write something interesting enough to attract readers.

    Keep deleting. You do your readers a service.

  5. Andrew says:

    I came here to see what you were about. I had an argument with a family friend last night over what kind of person you were. I argued that you were not in fact a “terrorist”. I know you dont have a chance to read all comments and I certainly dont expect a reply, but I thought for what it is worth that I would say that I believe you have a lot of good ideas. What is so wrong with loving other people and wanting to help those in need? Great posts on best of luck!

    Senior Philosophy and English

  6. atheist says:

    Actually, Mr. Ayers, you might be interested to know that, in addition to having helped highlight the ineffectiveness of Republican red-baiting in this past election, you have also played a small but key role in expanding the field of online political comedy.

    There is now a national cohort of right wingers for whom you are a kind of fearful legend that they will not, or perhaps cannot, let go of. These right wingers have spent the past three months, at least, telling anyone who will listen of your secret and extensive connections with Barack Obama, hoping thereby to render Obama politically toxic. In some cases, this obsession with your believed connection to Obama has approached complete madness. Take this essay, for example, by Jack Cashill, which proves that you actually wrote Obama’s book, “Dreams from my father”. What is inconceivable and disturbing to this cohort of right wingers is that the American public, as a whole, cared more about the economy than your sinister plan to be the Stalin-esque Fidel Castro, stroking your black waxed moustache from on top of an American flag in the sub-basement of Obama’s black-painted White House and communistically flouridating their water!

    It is certainly a dangerous situation when a large group of US citizens feels estranged from the mainstream society. But, in this case, it’s also a hilarious situation. I have taken to trolling right-wing blogs, as Bill Ayers, saying things like, “Now that Obama has been elected, I will loose my communist minions upon the land! Prepare for doomsday! I will tax your guns and dog food! You will become a wiccan!!!!1!2!!!!” It doesn’t help anything, but it does make me laugh. Look, I’ll stop, but I thought maybe I should tell you.

  7. atheist says:

    OK, seriously, I only did that a couple of times, and only to some of the more insane cases. It only seemed appropriate that you should make an appearance to someone who was doing their damndest to make political hay off of your existence.

  8. Mary Lynn says:

    A note of gratitude for your work in social justice, peace and education. You are an inspiration to all who work for equality and justice here and globally. Thank you.

    May I also commend you on your interview w/Good Morning America on 11/14? As hard as the interviewer tried to make something out of nothing, it was great to see how your staying calm and pointing out reasoned and thoughtful responses lent credence to what American voters confirmed: a non-issue generated out of fear-mongering will not be part of reflective decisions.

    I look forward to informing my own teaching practice by becoming more familiar with your work. Thanks for all.
    Mary Lynn

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