“No Regrets…?” a cartoon by Ryan Alexander-Tanner (ohyesverynice.com)

"I Didn't Do Enough..."

3 Responses to “No Regrets…?” a cartoon by Ryan Alexander-Tanner (ohyesverynice.com)

  1. icanseeclearly says:

    WOW! I had known nothing of William Ayers before this election, & saw straight through the FAUX-News agenda. I appreciate this comic strip more than I care to watch FIXED-News.
    How simple a comic strip can open ones eyes.
    & still today… we’ve not done enough

  2. Billy Martin says:

    Bill Ayers is an anti-America, ultra-liberal, potential murderer. I would not use his incoherent writings to wipe the dog crap from my shoes. People like Bill Ayers and Barack Obama deserve no forgiveness from this country. Prison is too good for them. Bill and Barack should be deported to the furtherest communist nation from America and left there to rot.

  3. Pat Finnegan says:

    Just when you thought that most of America was finally willing to join the human community in a 21st century mindset, along comes a crazy ex-Yankee manager to prove it wasn’t all Steinbrenner. At yet through the morphine clouded eyes of Joe McCarthy, we get words of wisdon. You are absolutely correct mister , [I’m sure ex-SEAL]. Martin. Prof Ayers and President elect Obama do not warrent forgiveness from this country of ours that we all love so much. Neither has done anything that forgiveness should be asked for. Prof. Ayers should be and eventually will be thought of as a very loud voice for sanity in a world that had obviously gone insane. His voice was one of many and as the cartoon truthfully points out part of the majority that wanted that sacriledge of a war to end and yet it never did.
    What can possibly be in your sad closed mind to think that President Elect Obama has to apologize for. The only thing I can lay as a fault at his feet , is his being born so many years after we needed him.
    Besides everything else about President-Elect Obama, I’m proud that I’m going to have a President that can dribble between his legs and dunk.
    I’m equally sure Mr. Martin that someday the hate filled lunacy that you call your mind will see the light of reason and recognize who are the Americans that keep the promise of Miss Liberty alive. Join in the world’s excitement and joy in the election of Barrack Obama. If you were not embarrassed at the least over the past eight years of Bush and Cheny you are definatly part of the problem and not part of the solution.

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