New Year’s Resolution…2009…miracle and wonder

Goodbye to politics as arid, dry, self-referencing and self-satisfied. Goodbye to star wars and inner wars. Goodbye to deference, didacticism, ego, and complacency in a heartless world. Goodbye to prisons and border guards and walls—whether in Palestine or in Texas—and goodbye to quarantines, deletions, and closures of all kinds. Goodbye to all that.
I resolve to create new spaces overflowing with life, crackling with the surprising and contradictory harmonies of love, stunning in their embodied hope for a better world; to step into the unknown, to jump off the edge, to dance the dialectic; to welcome the new and the now, to learn how to live again and how to love anew; to nurture relentless curiosity, simple acts of kindness, the vast complexity of humanity, the wild unruly convergence, the poetics of resistance, and the wonder of it all.
I resolve to embrace a new world in the making, planetary peace and inner peace, and I resolve, each day in every way, to vote for love—all kinds of love for all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances and situations.

3 Responses to New Year’s Resolution…2009…miracle and wonder

  1. Sheldon says:

    Good-bye to righty wing-nuts who give you credit for “launching Obama’s political career” . Bet you’re ready for that. Happy New Year!

  2. Lon Bennet says:

    You’re ‘tripping’, Bill. You Are ‘TRIPPING’!

  3. Happy New year Bill! Hope all is well with you. Feel free to contact me any time. The Cincinnati Yippie Chapter would love to interview you via phone, not so much about old politics, but about current affair’s, The new youth movement, & also what writings or events you may have upcoming. They will soon by running a weekly pod cast on their Myspace. If you do A search you can find the myspace i have under William The Bastard, likewise with The Cincinnati Yippie Chapter.
    You can also reach me via my email I have posted for you.
    Thanks Bill your response is Appreciated.
    William The Bastard – Singer of the band Bailout.

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