Support the People of Egypt Now

The US government must break its ties to the dictatorship in Egypt. As courageous Egyptians are being bombarded with US tear gas and other Made-in-the-USA weapons, US officials hypocritically call for peace and a peaceful transition. Just this week they “discovered” Mubarak is a dictator, but the US gives $1.3 billion a year of our tax dollars to Hosni Mubarak. The US has give Egypt $68 billion since 1948, and since 1979, Egypt has been the second- biggest recipient of US aid after Israel.  This US aid to Egypt includes military weapons that have been used to suppress the people and silence any opposition, and during the last few days against peaceful protesters.

Join human rights groups around the world in calling upon the US government to stand on the right side of history and support the Egyptian people’s right to true democracy and freedom.

Tell President Obama to stop funding the Mubarak regime now, to call on Mubarak to resign, and to expressly say that our government stands with the Egyptian people.

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