Every revolution is impossible before it happens; and then it was inevitable

The young of Egypt said Enough! We refuse the imposed limits of this nasty dictator, his vicious regime, and the cozy don’t ask-don’t-tell relationship with his US puppet-masters and sponsors!
And they rose up, and in short order redefined themselves and changed the world. Chasing the dictator was the most they could hope for on day one; soon the regime was the target;and then their imaginative horizons broadened further, and a different social order altogether came briefly into view. Yes, that is wondrous and dazzling. People reaching out and finding one another, opposing the limits and the obstacles set in their paths, and in that moment finding what freedom really means.
Will they win? The military is in charge, not good, the CIA in full eruption, US weaponry and billions of dollars pouring in, so they will not win now, and they will not win easily. But the idea of independence and of freedom spreads. And the participants themselves will never be the same. From the perspective of humanity and the human longing to be free, that is dazzling, encouraging, and awesome every time.
Every revolution is, of course, impossible–until it happens; at that point all agree that it was inevitable.

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