OBAMA’s secret gay life: An exchange

Below is an exchange between Sharon Kass, the homophobic hate monger from Washington D.C., and moi.

Dear Prof. Ayers:
I understand that Barack Obama has a “secret” gay life. Any information you could give me on that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Sharon Kass

Dear Sharon,
You’re up awfully early, but then as advocate and activist, the day is never long enough, right? How is the campaign going?
You must know deep inside that the world would be a healthier and happier place on every level if we would all (even you!!) get in touch with our essentially queer selves.
Instead of letting GLBTIQ folks openly into the military (the position of some silly liberals) you should support my idea that ONLY gay people can join the military (kind of like the ancient Greek armies); rather than support the simple demand of GLBTIQ folks to marry and enjoy full civil rights, you should support my proposal that ONLY queer people will be allowed to marry from now on. Make love, not war, and no more yucky man on woman/woman on man freak shows.
My two proposals taken together are sure to solve a zillion current social problems starting with defusing the militaristic and violent culture that permeates our society today.
Are you persuaded? Why so resistant? Do you have a little secret? I have an idea: let’s play truth or dare (you bring the Santorum, and I’ll bring the previously undiscovered tapes of…). Let the party begin!
xxx Bill

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