IRAQ SURGE: A Predictable Colonial Catastrophe

The direction of events and outcomes is tragically predictable, and the comparisons of May 2003 and May 2007 tell a story:

US troops in Iraq: 150,000 / 150,000.

Other “Coalition” troops: 23,000 / 12,000 (Albania is hanging in there!)

US troop deaths: 37 / 123 ( “troops” does not include the massive mercenary army called “contractors”)

Iraqi civilian deaths (est) : 500 / 2,750

New Iraqi civilians displaced by violence: 10,000 / 80,000

Iraqis who say the country is moving in the right direction: 70% / 36%

So much for all the empty rhetoric and rationalization— the despised “foreign fighters” in  Iraq R Us.

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