The White Man’s Burden

Tough being an imperialist— you give and give, sacrifice and sacrifice, and the little colored natives never seem to get it right. This attitude is the screaming subtext in the ongoing discussion among the idiots who pass for political leaders in the US, perfectly captured in a headline in the  liberal pro-imperialist New York Times on June 13, 2007—“Iraqis Are Failing to Meet Benchmarks Set by US.” It’s all their fault! The US did what it could for those people, but the Benchmarks for god’s sake, they can’t meet them!

One Response to The White Man’s Burden

  1. Ash-Lee says:

    Apparently it’s not just the White man’s burden any longer. At the 43rd Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial, former Freedom Rider Hank Thomas, who calls himself a “Capitalist Revolutionary” and is the owner of several McDonalds restaurants and Marriott hotels, informed the audience that people living in the Mississippi Delta are in the economic circumstances they are in because they haven’t taken advantage of every opportunity to better themselves (including working for corporations like McDonalds). With freedom fighters like that it’s no wonder that progress for Blacks in Mississippi is advancing at the pace of a turtle with no legs…

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