A Questionnaire

  1. What is terrorism?
  2. Is the concept—terrorism—consistent and universal, does it apply to all parties engaged in certain actions, or does it change over time?
  3. Which terrorist had a 100,000 British pound reward on his head in the 1930’s?
  4. When did he become a “freedom fighter”, his image rehabilitated?
  5. How many Israeli Prime Ministers were designated “terrorist” by the British government at some point in their political careers?
  6. Which group of foreign visitors to the White House in 1985 were hailed by Ronald Reagan as the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers, “freedom fighters” against the “Evil Empire”?
  7. What did George W. Bush call these same men?
  8. Who offered the following definitions?  “Terrorism is a modern barbarism that we call terrorism”; “Terrorism is a threat to Western civilization”; Terrorism is a menace to Western moral values”; “[W]e have no trouble telling [terrorists from freedom fighters]”; “Terrorism is a form of political violence.”
  9. Which US president said, “I am a contra”, referring to the Nicaraguan group designated “terrorist” by international human rights observers?
  10. Has there ever been a US president who refused to employ “political violence”?
  11. Which form of terrorism—religious, criminal, political, or official state sanctioned—has caused the most death and destruction in the past five hundred years? One hundred years?  Ten years?  Which has caused the least?

3 Responses to A Questionnaire

  1. ben says:

    Nice trick, Willy.

    But only works on ninnies reared under pomo skies.

    Ak a bunch of questions that lead to the impression that there is no such thing as terrorism.

    Tell that to a mother whose kids were blown up in front of her eyes.

    It’s all about power, and you know that.

    And at this time in history, you are the loser.

    Nobody but pomo children harken to your leftist capola, Willy.

    The weight of all the dead generations hangs like a weight on the mind of the living.

    My translation of Uncle K.–applies to you.

  2. Joe L says:

    The old moral equivilancy argument.
    Killing children on their way to school is not equal to killing a man on a battlefield with a weapon.
    If you terrorists had any real guts and righteousness you would take on the US military in a man to man conflict and be victorious or die for the cause you so ferverently believe in.
    You won’t do it because you are cowards. Cowards that can spew righteous indignation but are unwilling to sacrifice yourself for a cause you hold so dear.
    I am willing to die for this country in order to preserve our freedom and our way of life, even to protect people as worthless as you, while you bask in glory of our efforts and condemn us as murderers at the same time.
    If you want to say we killed innocents in World War II, we did. We told the Japanese first that unless they stopped their agression, there would be terrible consequences, even after they had attacked us without any provocation.
    We gave Saddam Hussein and the Tali ban an opportunity to avoid a conflict, but they refused.
    I know I will never convince you that there are people who willingly go to war because they believe it is necessary and that they have to kill in order to preserve the life of those they love and those they will never know. They are a part of the same people that founded this country, that nearly tour this country assunder, that have recently arrived and appreciate it’s freedoms.
    Point Number 1 – What is terrorism? Terrorism is killing defenseless people in order to create so much fear that they will have to comply to your demands in order to institute a regime that does not respect human life or individual rights.
    Is that what you want for America? The United States of Bill Ayers?

  3. John H. says:

    There was a time when Mussolini, Franco and Hitler were praised throughout Europe for being militant religious conservatives ready to stem the tide of godless Marxism. Ready to sacrifice their lives – and their entire nations – to that glorious cause. Instead they brought the world untold pain, death, destruction and yes, terrorism. Today, oddly enough, the same right fights wars which are religious in charater (or fervor) yet essentially godless in substance. There’s no compassion, no conscience. The meek may inherit the earth but no doubt these guys will take them to court over the inheritance. And hell, if that doesn’t work, well, there’s always guns. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that there are Just Wars but they are invariably fought by a subject and repressed minority, while totalitarian regimes ignite godless warfare whether they be God believers or God deny-ers, facsists or communists, over MONEY. Try reading “War Is A Racket” by retired USMC General Smedly Butler – the same general who exposed an attempted coup d’estate by American military-industrialists. I guess every right wing Republican who exposes the military-industrail complex is closet liberal marxist, like President Eisenhower? Me, I’m of the religious left if there is such a thing – Jesus clearly came here to liberate the poor, the sick, the exploited from the slavery of the rich, the judgemental and the powerful. Before the federal government ever lifted a finger to liberate the slaves, a “terrorist” named John Brown tried to get the process started. He was executed for doing what the government itself later was forced to do for 4 bloody years. Too bad all those religious conservatives in the South didn’t just ante up and do the right thing: free the slaves. Instead those terrorists fought the US Army and died for their pathetic cause. The sad thing is, is that if there were more John Browns and more Bill Ayers in this country instead of so many mindless, yet greedy goosesteppers, we’d be the Nation that our enlightenment, Jacobin, deist, leftist “terrorist” founding fathers dreamt it could be. I just hope it’s not already too late.

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