Be Generous

“Insane generosity,” Albert Camus writes in The Rebel “is the generosity of rebellion…”  This is a generosity that refuses injustice, makes no calculations as to what it offers the living.  “Real generosity toward the future,” he concludes, “lies in giving all to the present.”

2 Responses to Be Generous

  1. Bill says:

    You and I share the exact same name, and I grew up in New York as a child. I have gotten more then a few phone calls over the years here in Chicago from people thinking I am you…never knowing who you were. Though I am much younger then you, hearing your (and my) name all day long on the tv has been “interesting”. 🙂

  2. Toast says:

    Bill Ayers–you are a terrorist and should still be in jail. Or better yet dead.

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