WWJ(or M or C or B or H or P or S)D?

Let’s begin with a principle, and with a life.

The principle—at the center of the thinking of Jesus and Hillel
and Mohammad and Confucius, of Plato and Homer, at the heart of the
Declaration of Independence—expressed here as Article 1 of the 1948
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free
and equal in dignity and rights.  They are endowed with reason and
conscience and should act toward one another in a spirit of
brotherhood.” And we might add sisterhood.

And the life: Here is a woman living in the “global south.”  She
is forty-two years old, mother of six children, three of whom are
still alive, and grandmother of eight.  She subsists on $1 a day,
sleeps in a shelter without electricity or plumbing, arises each
morning to begin again the never-ending search for clean water, food,
and fuel.  She is single and illiterate, and she has never seen a
doctor.  She has recently developed a tumor in her neck that gives her
persistent pain.

How should we think of this woman in light of this principle? What should we do?

27 Responses to WWJ(or M or C or B or H or P or S)D?

  1. gerbilmark says:

    McCain was a bomber 🙂

  2. dgrhm says:

    Reading the various comments on this post I see a complete lack of empathy and sympathy for the poor woman. There’s a complete lack of compassion for her plight or the plight of others in the same situation.

    There were various comments about not using the government to solve the problems, about how Jesus would do X or Y.

    Not one of the posters suggested any real kind of solution to the real world problem of global poverty. It’s this complete lack of concern about others in the world that has Americans being loathed in the world.

    We used to stand for fighting poverty, helping poor nations, and looking out for each other. (I know, we’ve also been responsible for heinous acts since we stole Hawaii, but lets table that argument for a moment too.)

    Now we run over each other in traffic and nobody bothers to even call 911. (See the incident in Hartford, Connecticut on June 5, 2008.) In America today we have an “every man for himself” mentality. I guess the conservatives, Republicans, and those who support that mentality have really put t FDR’s New Deal to rest.

    That’s really working out well isn’t it?

    Let’s start with the poor woman and her suffering and situation. Let’s consider for a moment what kinds of solutions we can create together to end wretched poverty in America and in the World. If we can work together, there won’t be reasons for greed or hunger, or even war.

    I’d ask the previous posters and future posters to consider what they are willing to do to help people in dire poverty? I’d like to see people do more than pay lip service, or have snide anti-government remarks.

    We can build real world solutions if we’re willing to solve these problems. Poverty is a man made problem. Man made problems have man made solutions.

    Lets stop being adolescent as Americans and start being adult about solving the problems we’ve worked to create. (Taking no action is the same as supporting the problem.) All I ask is that we put our cynicism in check and consider the possibility of making the world a better place for all of humanity.

  3. Sam Pierce says:


    While you advocate blowing up U.S. government buildings (by ignoring the vermin that posted the entry,) some of us that believe in individual rights and responsibilities donate to charitable foundations (money, goods, and services.)

  4. J A DeLater says:


    Of course Americans have been, are, and will continue to be charitable and generous in trying to alleviate suffering and poverty–but of course you probably know this already.

    Like Ayers’s rhetorically pathetic attempt to enlist Plato, Homer et alii (!) to make his points about freedom and equality, your faux-naive “C’mon people now . . .” pandering contributes nothing to the problems you affect to address–but of course . . .

    Radical egalitarians need human sacrifices that sometimes take the shape of a poor, suffering “social justice” mascot, sometimes of army, police, or banking employees. Right, Bill?

  5. Jack Janski says:

    Hey Billy,

    That terrorist wife of yours is looking like 50 miles of bad road these days. I guess those mini dresses are long gone, eh? Oh how I would love to kick her teeth out.

  6. rlcorwin says:

    Mr Ayers asks a question, but does not give an answer. I’ll ask a question.

    During the 20th century, the West has donated large amounts of money and aid to the former African colonies. Technical advances (mostly created by the West) have reduce the price and increased the quality and quantity of medicine, food, and other necessities. Does the average African have a higher standard of living today or under colonial rule?

  7. Jack Janski says:

    Who it the moron at UIC who hired a domestic terrorist in Billy Ayers???? And who is the moron today who keeps him on the payroll????

  8. CharlieMansion says:


    Regarding Bernie; when you travel as much of the brown sugar road as she has, any woman is bound to have a few stretch marks from those intellectually and othewise well endowed Panthers.

  9. CharlieMansion says:


    Take a look at the University Of Illinois Trustees; quite telling. There are no real business people on the board; nor, any conservatives. The Trustees are predominately a group of activist attorneys and educators.

  10. tim (the gray ghost) baker says:

    I don’t know. But, she needs to see a doctor. She’s independant to a fault, obviously
    a very serious mental case. Maybe she has amnesia or is retarded, However, one grad. student once wrote that there is no such thing as mental illness, only social injustice. So, actually the view towards her depends on what level one is making the assessment. Some kind of victim complex I’d bet. Almost certainly a lousey mother.
    Everything hinges on her I.Q. , and ability to respond positive suggestions. Under the right guidence she may salvage her character. But institutional venues are so totally impersonnal, one has difficulty envisioning the product she would likely become. I’d probably sign her up with Parents Without Partners. But, as to C M B and the rest of them I would like to think that there but by the grace of God go I. You have set the bar very high Bill. I’d rather have the strength to take the low road and live to tell a great tale. And who knows maybe that’s what was in her all along. Maybe she was a character of nobility all along. I would think of her as speaks and acts and it’s kudos if she can make me laugh. Thanks for the forum.

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