Fill in the Blanks

1. One percent of American households control as much wealth as the combined wealth of % of ____ American households.

2. ____ Americans made over $2 million a day from 1997-2000.

3. ____ people in the world can’t read.

4. If you own a refrigerator, have a bed and clothes in a closet you’re richer than ____ % of the world’s people.

5. ____% of the world’s people are non-white.

6. If you’ve never been tortured, been a slave, or seen a relative die in war, you’re luckier than ____% of people in the world.

7. ____ % of humanity owns a computer and has a bank account.

8. Less than 5% of the world’s people own ____% of the world’s wealth.

9. ____ % of the population of the world is Asian.

10. ____ % of the world’s population is non-Christian.

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