One World

—Besides the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which government permitted the execution of juvenile offenders until last year ( when the highest court in the land rendered a split verdict on the matter) ? (Hint: Recently, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bengladash, and Nigeria banned the practice).

—Now that Somalia has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, what nation stands alone in refusing to sign?

—Which government stands against 106 other nations in opposing the treaty that developed an International Criminal Court whose mission is to prosecute genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity?

—With over half the nations of the world committed to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, which major country has not signed?

—Which nuclear power withdrew from the treaty barring nuclear testing in space? (Hint: The same power recently scuttled a nuclear disarmament agreement, “unsigned” a global warming treaty, and walked away from a world conference on racism).

One Response to One World

  1. billayers says:

    To Oedipus:
    I feel the love, but a little investigation is in order here. I get your desire to live in the greatest country on earth, etc. and so on, but be prepared for some shocking disconnects between your faith and reality.
    1. Read international comparative statistics on gender wage disparities, control of one’s own body, health care availability, access to birth control including abortion, pre- and post-natal care for mothers just for starters…
    2. Read just about any history of the Indian Wars, again just as a start…
    3. Surely the government has done some good things, mostly as a result of pushing from below— workers for example, the Black Freedom Movement— and a sharp distinction needs to be made between the generosity and essential goodness of most people and the lying, manipulation, and corruption of this and really all governments. And then look at the aid: separate military —the escalation of violence everywhere—from humanitarian, and note how often aid is also a form of corporate welfare, using public funds to prop up private profit and buy up surplus that the market couldn’t handle…
    4. I’m not sure what hypothetical you’re referring to here, but let’s agree that the rule of law is a good thing, and that it’s better than letting a king or a pontiff or a nutty president or a self-appointed crypto-fascist talking-head decide matters of guilt. Also note however, that in the world of criminal justice we have a long way to go: the last advanced country to defend state executions, the highest percentage of our citizens caged at an incredible percentage of GDP, disenfranchisement ( loss of citizenship effectively) for all felons in many states, and much more…
    5. The International Criminal Court doesn’t give the power of law to your “enemies.” It’s a treaty, like any other, like say non-proliferation of nukes—difficult to do, no doubt, complex in its implementation, requiring determination and hard work. But perhaps in your world we should just bully forth and other nations will line up as they’re told, and if not, off with their heads…

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