Tales of the Dolly Llama by Guy Kuttner

One teacher’s long journey to a kind of enlightenment, this is the best piece I’ve read on teaching in years. Not only does Kuttner nail issue after issue with laser-like precision, but he manages to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted with humor and brief anecdotes, avoiding both the puffed-up academic pose and the grim earnestness of the wounded and the self-righteous. I really loved it.

3 Responses to Tales of the Dolly Llama by Guy Kuttner

  1. Weiser 'n Poty says:

    Bill, if you committed suicide you would be a hero; big article in the paper etc. Give it some serious thought.

  2. billayers says:

    Friends—Stay calm, breathe deeply, rest, hydrate, keep breathing. Try to focus—rant if you must, but on occasion come out of your barricaded den and read the actual post— or better yet, the book itself (it’s not long at all)—and then engage the ideas themselves.

  3. Bill, Some of us work hard. Some do not. Lots of children including mine work their ways through their lives and then college also.
    Why is everyone around us a Socialist or a communist? They don’t like to work for what they get. Mrs D. R. Taylor

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