The Discipline of Hope by Herbert Kohl

Herbert Kohl is the most important educator of his generation. No one describes the practical life of classrooms with such grace, nor connects the commonplace to the larger circles of economic circumstance, historical flow, political power, and cultural context with such compelling force. In The Discipline of Hope, Kohl draws critical lessons from a lifetime of teaching, activism, and reflection.

In the tradition of John Dewey, Herb Kohl shows us teaching as intellectual and ethical work, life-changing and earth-shaking. At the heart of Kohl’s vision is the child yearning to grow and to contribute

5 Responses to The Discipline of Hope by Herbert Kohl

  1. Weiser 'n Poty says:

    Bill – please resign your position and move to Cuba

  2. Gonzalo I. Vergara says:

    I don’t know what makes a great teacher but having had a few, I can only relate my experience. Though I am 54 now, I still remember my English high school teacher’s guidance on how to write an essay. This was invaluable to me in college, grad school, law school and life. I still remember my American History II teacher’s UN role play–I credit that experience to my decision to get a Masters in International Relations.

    I still remember the thrill of my high school teacher’s challenge to research and write a paper on drugs in society… My topic: Whether LSD Causes Chromosomal Damage in Humans. My answer: The research at the time (1971) was inconclusive.

    I remember getting a 65 in physics and a 95 in Chemistry. Why? My Chemistry teacher, Dr. Weiner, could make crystal clear even the most complicated molecules. My physics teacher did not understand the concept of organization. I received a 65 in Algebra and a 90 in Geometry and Geometry II… same application.

    Bottom line: Teaching is an art. Though I understand the mechanics of how Michelangelo painted the Vatican, I could never do the same. So it is with teaching…

  3. billayers says:

    Well said Gonzalo. And we would do well to invest in putting thoughtful, caring, and well-compensated teachers in every classroom, offering all the support they need.

  4. jesus johnson says:

    Bill Ayers you should get your ass kicked and go to hell you piece of shit!! How about the families of those you killed. You should be hunted down and exterminated just like Bin Laden

  5. AinTX says:

    jesus–you are a stupid moron to say the least. He did not kill anyone and he has more than made up for what he did. He was protesting a needless war and has done more for this country and education than most politicians have

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