“The end of an empire is messy at best….

and this one is ending like all the rest.” Randy Newman

14 Responses to “The end of an empire is messy at best….

  1. Pete says:

    Enough of the end of the American empire b.s. – nothing more pathetic than liberal surrender monkeys. The U.S. is not close to demise. Sorry Bill. Not only is the U.S. top dog, but every other country that is growing and thriving and providing well for its populace has been influenced by American ideas – liberty, open trade, free markets, transparent legal system. Interestingly, these are ideas that you and your cronies despise.

    Marxism and communism are the empires that are dead. LONG LIVE AMERICA and the fact that we can blog and disagree in the comfort of an open system. Oh, one other thing, your lefty friend Obama ain’t gonna win.

  2. Nathan Myers says:

    Hugh Morris,

    You’ve just smeared the name of Christ through a slanderous attack carried out without a critical look into Professor Ayers’ life. I disagree with Mr. Ayers’ actions with the Weather Underground, but it cannot be denied that he is an important leader in education today.

    It greatly frustrates me when people quote the Scriptures that I respect so much, especially those of loving enemies, in the larger context of their own hatred and lack of love.

    Hugh, I urge you, reconsider the Jesus you think you know, and then make a commitment to pursue being more like the one in the Bible. And afterwards, it might be a good idea to ask Mr. Ayers to take your hateful comment off here, thus making my comment unnecessary as well.

    Nathan Myers

  3. Tanya Guiterrez says:

    Bill Ayers you still alive? I thought you said kill all the rich people. I thought you said “go home and kill your parents”, don’t you have children. Everyone hates a hypocrite. You know you can sell all that you have and come live in the ghetto like me with the homeboys. That would be a good example and no one can call you a hypocrite anymore. Oh, do you and your sow own a nice car too? Or do you ride bikes everywhere like in communist China? I thought so.

  4. Tanya Guiterrez says:

    Bill Ayers, you don’t have to be rich. It is a free country. Give your home, cars and wealth away and live a very meager existence. I know it has been done before by other well offs. You can do it. You know you can’t fool the thinking people. I know that because you had a cushy prep school life that deep down you feel you have to make up for it by acting out as you did (do). Believe me, most people are not fooled by you, only the miserable ones. You hated your parents because you were spoiled. Dad’s money sure came in handy to get those pricey slick lawyers that got you off. The innocent people you helped kill families couldn’t get help like that. Oh, and they weren’t nearly as rich as you and your family. I am going to eat my beans and rice now.

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