“The end of an empire is messy at best….

and this one is ending like all the rest.” Randy Newman

14 Responses to “The end of an empire is messy at best….

  1. alan wieder says:

    The internet is such an amazing place. Someone can have a blog and identify themselves and state their positions for conversation and debate. Then, anonymous, cowards can respond using false names which is probably good because their messages are unthoughtful and indecent. How good of you Bill to give people a chance to sit at their computers with no responsibility and imagine themselves as stormtroopers whose mission is to hurt you. Very altruistic of you!

  2. John Janski says:

    Randy Who???? You mean that short Jewish some-what talented musician? Why in the world would anyone listen to him about ANYTHING????

    Hey Billy, you’re getting desperate.

  3. The Next Generation says:

    I would just like to know Bill as I ask so many far leftists if you hate this country so much why live here. You know all your assumptions about the US government being corrupt are correct.ALL governments are corrupt and if you think your little vietnamese friends were any less corrupt you are an idiot.You know the difference between the U.S. and Vietnam. You can stand up in front of the White House and say the government is corrupt and go home that night eat dinner and go to bed.Do the same in Hanoi and you will leave in chains or in a bodybag. As for your ring I just hope you get that same chance as Jane Fonda to come face to face with a Vietnam War Vet and well find out just how Militant you ever were.

  4. Ewan Cummins says:

    The Weather Underground were a bunch of whiny rich kids playing at terrorism. Every time I read about those stupid pricks blowing themsleves up in their failed [well, successful from where I stand] bombmaking enterprise I get a warm and fuzzy feeling deep down inside.

    We need an American Freikorps to do to Nancy Pelosi and Obama what the Freikorps did to Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

  5. Cindy says:

    Newman has the pithy, insightful, seemingly toss-away comment down to a science. I’m going to walk around the rest of the day with a silly grin on my face over this phrasing (even though the subject isn’t such a laughing matter.)

    And the comments on your blog have inspired Frost’s “Fire and Ice” to do a mental loop-play for me.

  6. Donovan says:

    This idiot-to-history’s (Ewan Cummins) comment about needing an American Freikorps is ironic, at best.
    The Freikorps was a tool of the emerging Nazi regime and was a tool of violent oppression and squashed the liberty of not only Marxists, but all other uprisings.

    “Ewan Cummins” is obviously no better than a section of tread on the “boot on a human face – forever.”

    He wants accross-the-board oppression, even if he doesn’t understand the context in which he speaks.
    Dumb-ass. Go back to watching Fox News while the Fascist state closes in on you.

  7. Trent says:

    I like Fox News!

  8. changeneeded says:

    To Next generation: You act as if knowing that the country is corrupt and accepting it is enough. We should have those people, and be grateful for those people, who objectively look at our shortcomings because that will gives us a better chance at becoming the nation we all want to be….but we are not as of yet! If you as an individual never look at you shortcomings, you will never improve in that area.

  9. Doug says:

    I like Fox News, also. Did you mean Alfred E. Neumann? I saw him interviewed by Larry King on CNN last week. He was in Bill’s posse too.

  10. Hugh Morris says:

    Billy, you are a marxist idiot. Move to vietnam and love on their elites. Then blog how wonderful your miserable life is.
    Have you ‘ever’ done anything positive in your life or is your life’s goal to leave behind misery, hate, doubt, terror and anarchy?
    Take your anarchy somewhere else.
    There’s always room for you in Iran.

    I pray for your soul.
    Matthew 5:44

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