EMERGENCY!!! Suspend the Debates!

And if that sounds remotely reasonable, think of it as a dress rehearsal, a practice run, a prelude:

EMERGENCY!!! Suspend the Elections!

102 Responses to EMERGENCY!!! Suspend the Debates!

  1. Eloise says:

    I, too, am researching the “weather” and Ayers. What I find holds promise. The days of “America, love it or leave it” does not exist. The days of “America, love it, then get involved” have always been present. Today, I feel ugency in the call to get involved. – informed involved. Repeating “talking head” blurbs does not count as informed. Maybe, just maybe, if more of us would have been “present and involved” in the 60s/70s, our country would not be where it is today.

  2. Lee says:

    Dr Ayers,
    Looking at the hateful and ignorant things being said against you and anyone associated with you is absolutely reprehensible. Many of the comments I’m seeing here make it clear that those posting them have little information about who you are and what you stood for.

    While I perhaps don’t necessarily agree with the methods you used back in the “Weather Underground” days, I do understand the frustration felt by you and your fellows with regard to the Vietnam War. While I count myself as patriotic, I would actually be hard pressed to come up with a reasonable defense of the war.

    As for your “terrorist” activities, I would hardly classify the actions of WU in the same category of the actions of Timothy McVey in Oklahoma City. The group’s focus on the destruction of symbols rather than people seems to mark a clear difference. The recent relabeling of you as a “domestic terrorist” has obviously been done for political reasons.

    I wish you well in weathering this storm and can only hope that things will quiet back down after tomorrow.

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