Vultures Coming Home to Roost

and, to mix our cliches, the fox is guarding the hen house…

12 Responses to Vultures Coming Home to Roost

  1. el supremo says:

    keep the faith Bill – let me be brave enough to sign in support of you, in defiance of those who slash tires at the rallies of those they would not see become president and threaten one of education’s sanest voices. Please God let this all end soon, and peacefully, and let us set with new energy toward repealing what has been wrongfully enacted and rebuilding on the ashes of the last eight years.

  2. John B Ayers says:

    Throughout my 54 years and in three states, I have had problems with others refusing to spell or pronounce my name correctly. There have been many times I have watched someone write it down wrong after the second or third try. I haven’t had that problem lately. Thanks.

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