Tax and Spend!!!

That pretty well sums up a central function of every government on earth: conservative and liberal, reactionary and progressive, authoritarian, democratic, fascist and socialist and royal. The only question is, who should be taxed, how much, and where should the collective wealth then be spent? “Cutting taxes” is the battle cry of every politician, a knee-jerk reaction to convention and a dishonest bow to some  imagined base. The truth is every government will tax and every government will spend, and they must. We all want the water to run when we turn the faucet on; we all want the bridge to stand as we cross it; we all want the sewers to do their job.

In a democracy, we should not only openly discuss the truth of taxing and spending, but we should insist on transparency on the big question of who is being taxed and where those taxes get spent. Let the people decide whether to fund war or education, incarceration or social security, militarization or health care. Straight up.

31 Responses to Tax and Spend!!!

  1. Dan says:

    The question whether to fund war or education is like asking should I buy a Buick or should I skip lunch today. One has nothing to do with the other. War, as you say, which is actually better termed national security, is a constitutional directive, education is not. Education, like most other federally screwed up programs including retirement funding, healthcare, charity, etc., are better served when they are locally managed. That is why our Founding Fathers wisely established a representative republic with a purposeful de-emphasis on federal government intervention. I understand that does not fit the model of the Communist Manifesto, but communism has failed literally every time it has been tried.

    Capitalism does not work when individuals are not allowed to fail, but socialism does not work when individuals are allowed to succeed. Right now we are somewhere in between, which is a dangerous place to be. Having our education system directed by amoral individuals with a belief in a failed ideology does not portend good things for our future. But, we are a resilient lot, and in 20 years all of these hippie throwbacks will be washed out of our universities, and we will be teaching facts again. Everything goes in cycles. Keep up the writing Billy, it is fascinating to watch the elites, like yourself, try to seem intelligent.

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