Tax and Spend!!!

That pretty well sums up a central function of every government on earth: conservative and liberal, reactionary and progressive, authoritarian, democratic, fascist and socialist and royal. The only question is, who should be taxed, how much, and where should the collective wealth then be spent? “Cutting taxes” is the battle cry of every politician, a knee-jerk reaction to convention and a dishonest bow to some  imagined base. The truth is every government will tax and every government will spend, and they must. We all want the water to run when we turn the faucet on; we all want the bridge to stand as we cross it; we all want the sewers to do their job.

In a democracy, we should not only openly discuss the truth of taxing and spending, but we should insist on transparency on the big question of who is being taxed and where those taxes get spent. Let the people decide whether to fund war or education, incarceration or social security, militarization or health care. Straight up.

31 Responses to Tax and Spend!!!

  1. Tiberius says:

    This has been a debate for many years indeed. Personally I believe in a flat tax. Everyone pays 10% no exceptions. Regardless if you are making 20K or 200K you pay 10% of your total income to the government. Now for school there is the local levies. Those have positive and nagative effects. Letst face it we will never make everyone happy with any tax policy. One thing I would like to see is the people living on welfare to do some form of work to recieve aid from the government. Things as easy as cleaning up sidewalks or a park for a few hours a week would do the trick. As for how to spend that is tricky. Some of the things that I like to see my money put into are the military, education, civil services (police, fire department,ems), and public engineering (road repair, econstruction, ect.). Those are the main things I would like to focuse one.

    Here is something that the nation should look into with taxes for businesses. It you produce a plate in america its will cost you $12 (fake number). Now in China you can produce the same plate for $2 (but the quality is very poor). If you want to keep jobs here or bring them back one way it to lower taxes on businesses (a 3K tax credit will not do it). You then put a tariff or tax on imported goods from other countries. That way the CEO’s have to decide if its cheaper to make the $2 plate in china where you have to pay a higher tax on the facility, then you have to pay another tax just be bring in the product. That $2 plate will end up costing the company $13 where as you can make it for $12 in the US. The CEO’s and share holders will go with making it in the US. Economics 101.

  2. remembereringgiap says:

    i wonder at this moment in these darkest of times – how the rich will once again place the burden of their greed & incompetence on the people least able to carry it

    what is horrifying to me is that the dominant ideology through its mass media are capable of turning the actual facts on their head. neither regarding leveraging, speculation – the whole series of imbecilic exercises of the powerful are exposed or analysed except by a few economist who hold on to their honour

    the collapse of capital was & is both inevitable & irrevocable

    it is clear that a few mechanical changes are going to do nothin perhaps make it worse & the people can see clearly in the last year & the one coming – who exactly are the beneficiaries of late capitalism. all the deceit in the world is not going to be able to hide it

    the way capitalism has functioned is simply not going to work. they are forced by incompetence & reality to nationalise for example – & it will necessarily have to go a great deal further

    obam is at least some light on the horizon but the real light in the mast five or more years come from the actual struggle, work & exercise of the power of the people in latin america& in this let us be clear it was neither the genius of a morales or a chavez(tho they posses it) but the absolute fatigue of the people. the absolute & militant rejection of friedman & his whole gang of fascists. it was the poorest, the least amongst us, the wretched of the earth who had the intelligence & the precision to see that the chicago school was built on a pack of cards in which cruelty, hunger & torture were essential ingredients

    the real light for me comes from latin america – they are going about their struggle with intelligence because they understand their own fragility & their force but what they are doing is making sure the clock will not turn back where us policy made of latin america a slaughterhouse

    i hope that the people of north america will have enough humility to look upon the experiments of their latin american brothers & sisters & learn from it

    what possesses deep irony is that 50 years ago – two americans understood deeply what was coming magdoff & sweezy – that it is nearly 40 years ago that herb gintis saw & adressed the central problems of education under late capitalism. indeed there are many americans who have spoken very very clearly – the great fred hampton – heart of my heart – who were not listened to & now we are all going to pay the price until real & dundamental change comes


  3. tb says:

    One person one vote, sounds like Orc mischeif. I voted for it. And now Bob & Sue from West Virginia will sit down with Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hampton. I wish them “good luck”. Our economy depends on it. I think we should be paid a reasonable percentage above a livable minimum wage according to our effort, not this “I made 30 thousand dollars on my first realestate deal” kind of economics.
    Good Will

  4. peon says:

    So I was not going to vote for Obama as I do not like his right of center leanings. I was going 3rd party, musing between Cynthia Mckinney and Nader. I decided to vote for Obama in protest-in protest of what was done to a good decent American, Bill Ayers. A man who was on the right side of the issue during VietNam and took risks, had consequences, a real American hero. Unlike John McCain who was on the wrong side of the Viet Nam War and is a war criminal.
    Thank you Mr.Ayers and on behalf of many Americans my profound thanks and apologies for the idiots.

  5. Sheldon says:

    On the Oct. 31 edition of Democracy Now! Michael Moore made the point that we must actually pay more taxes than people in France because we get so much less in return. Something to think about.

  6. judge dredd says:




  7. remembereringgiap says:

    immanuel wallerstein on pacifas ‘against the grain’ offers a very dark but necessary view on what is happening at the beginning of what he clearly calls a depression

  8. capares says:

    wow, no critics here?

  9. Kim says:

    If the republicans didn’t spend so much money Democrats wouldn’t ever have to raise taxes. As it is, gwb has left President Barack Obama (I love saying that) with a 14 trillion dollar deficit. It’s basically like gwb ran up America’s credit card and he won’t be around to pay the bill

  10. Joe says:

    You wrote, “In a democracy, we should not only openly discuss the truth of taxing and spending, but we should insist on transparency on the big question of who is being taxed and where those taxes get spent.”

    Went to your “Teaching” tab. Funny thing is, no mention of truth. Only relativism. So here’s the question. What “truth of taxing” could ever exist?

    With your “truth”, transparency only ensures one a view of another’s “truth.”

    The intellectual path to hell rests along the way in rooms filled with like minded travelers. How can you tell when you are resting in one his rooms? The loss of inner peace when returning to that path you thought lead to truth…

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