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To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher (Teachers College Press)

A Kind and Just Parent:The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon)

Teaching Toward  Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom (Beacon)

City Kids/ City Schools (The New Press)

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  1. Judge Dredd says:

    I can see by the look on your face and the tone of your voice that you are depressed. How much Lexapro are you on?

    Time to save yourself, Billy. Work in a soup kitchen. Start one. Wash the dishes. All of them. Make the soup. Bake the bread. Serve the poor. Food for their stomach will be food for your soul.

    Buy a hundred coats from Goodwill. Hand them out.

    Winter’s coming. Do it now.

    Before it’s too late, William.

    See, I hate your actions and your bullshit rationalizations, but I feel sympathy for you, one person to another.

    Let them remember you as someone who fed the poor, not as an “unrepentent terrorist.”

  2. Kyle says:

    Like many others I came here only to find out more about you because I have learned not to trust anything I see on the television. I am pleased to discover that you really are a good man. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of your works.

  3. Charlie (put a fork it me i'm done) says:

    I don’t get it Willie. Why don’t you just go to the media and tell your story. People want to know the ‘real’ Bill Ayers. Joe the plumber at least had the balls to go and tell his story. And see how the lib media and blogs ripped him to shreds. I’m sure they’d be much less harsh with you.

  4. Smitty says:

    Protesting the Vietnam War was about trying to save human lives. This was a war that had no direction and no end. For those of you who don’t know, were not born or choose to forget here is how the Vietnam War ended up for our side.

    Number of US killed in action totaled 47,244, 10,446 non-combat deaths while 153,329 Americans were seriously wounded, including over 10,000 amputees and over 2400 American POWs/MIAs, additionally over 9000 US Soldiers committed suicide after returning home. A total of approximately 5.4 million people lost their lives in the Vietnam War with an estimated 60% of those termed non-combatants.

    April 30, 1975 – At 8:35 a.m., the last Americans, ten Marines from the embassy, depart Saigon, concluding the United States presence in Vietnam. North Vietnamese troops pour into Saigon and encounter little resistance. By 11 a.m., the red and blue Viet Cong flag flies from the presidential palace. President Minh broadcasts a message of unconditional surrender. The war is over.

    It takes someone brave and patriotic to actively participate in a war and it takes someone as brave and as patriotic to actively protest an un-just wasting of American Life. Those of you who sit on the sidelines and ridicule either side for taking action are nothing more than cowards… Maybe we should have listened to a guy like Ayers in the sixties and saved a few million human lives…

  5. douglas says:

    I have not read the books, and would not buy them lest you earn from my purchase.

    It does appear that a great many educators have read at least one of the books, and seem to think they are good and useful. If so, and if so many in education and Professors of Education have read them, why are our schools worse than ever?

    “All I can say is keep doing what you are doing in Chicago to further the progression of primary school education, especially in underserved areas.”

    This said as if the children of Chicago were getting an education worth a darn now. Please, just show us any evidence at all that your ideas actually help children learn, and not just soak up an ideology. Any evidence at all.

  6. Lisa Schmidt says:

    Sorry about Ne. Obviously you don’t need security guards where you are. We still seem to be afraid of the buffalo and the Injun here. Or perhaps, the times, they just haven’t changed here. Perhaps,a hard rain will fall.??

  7. hannah says:

    Judge Dredd, I wish that you would take some time to read the books mentioned in this post you are commenting on before you commented. I don’t care what your views are of his political actions as a member of the Weathermen, his work as an educator cannot be questioned.

    Bill will be remembered as a kind, loving man. He gives his entire heart to the children he works with, and tries to help other potential teachers to do the same. If you spent as much time in your life doing what Bill does as you do spreading uniformed hate, the world would be a better place.

  8. scared out of my mind says:


    I am scared out of my mind that we are going to have a President named Obama. Does that sound of that not scare anyone else?? Or am I the only one that has a brain in my head. When Obama wins on Tuesday and you fools that voted him in see that within the next 5 years we are going to be on our way to being a socialiat country, and Bill Ayers is the director of Education for our failing country, you will all see see how you messed up.

    I am proud to be an American. I am proud to send my children to a public school. I want them to learn about socialism/communism in the past tense. McCarthy must be rolling over in his grave in hopes to come back and see the vision he had over 40 years ago.

    I do not want to give my money to the poor or less fortunate people of this country, so they can continue to bleed me dry with “free” services. Do you foolish people not realize that the rich do not need health insurance and the poor already have health insurance…it’s called mediciad. If the middle class can not afford to buy insurance that is not my fault. Buy a plan for your family and stop trying to get the USA to pick up the tab.

  9. josh says:

    just wanted to say that you are a standup guy and i dont even know you -but to say that you are a terrible person to be connected to also says that all the bright kids who learn under your wings and fellow heartfelt staff are all terrorists as well- it is sad that no one has attended to this logic as yet another absurdity in the attempt to destroy obama and your name-
    keep standing up for what u believe in and this nation thinks you are great

  10. Nebraska One says:

    Ayers, you won’t be known as the “unrepentent terrorist” much longer–once the election is over, you’ll go back to being a “has been”. What you and your organization did was a micro-blip on America’s radar screen. The only people that will remember the “work” of the Weatherunderground” will be the Judge’s kids that your organization terrorized in Connecticut in the middle of the night. Any coward can make a bomb while in hiding, then place it at someones home in the middle of the night. When a real man has a problem with someone, he faces them face-to-face and fist-to-fist. Instead, you placed a bomb and ran. You were, and are a poor little rich boy that never grew up. You’ve taken the good from this country and given nothing.

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