Choose one:

To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher (Teachers College Press)

A Kind and Just Parent:The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon)

Teaching Toward  Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom (Beacon)

City Kids/ City Schools (The New Press)

Then make up your own mind, and send me a comment.

117 Responses to READ THIS:

  1. JACK SPRAT says:

    Dear Billy:
    I would be more than happy, really delighted to punish you for your unwholesome past. Given a chance, when i would get through with you, beradineeeeee would never know you.

  2. Mark Carbone says:

    You are on public platform now. I will follow you scum. You leave my country alone. You will never be in Orlando. You will never show your face here. If you are ever in a restaurant I’m in or anywhere in public in Orlando or NY or Dallas or Boston where I frequent you will leave my presence and you will have less than 60 seconds.

    You are weak and you don’t belong in any country. You will not take money from the government I pay taxes to. You are not going to terroize and abuse the children of the USA anymore either.

    You are scum and you are not an intellectual. You are a little boy who had weak parents and were picked on as a child and you’re taking it out on us.

    This is a tragedy that you can be in our country.

    You will get your just ends. You will finish alone. You will fade soon. Hide like you do. Hide.

    Scum. Come see me some time. You never will. You are scum.

  3. BILL BRADLEY says:

    Your actions of years past are dispicable. You will always have to live with the fact that you have blood on your hands. Your treachery and treasonous activities are nothing to be proud of. You are who you are.

  4. Judge Dredd says:

    Hannah says,

    ” If you spent as much time in your life doing what Bill does as you do spreading uniformed hate, the world would be a better place.”

    You receive D for logic.

  5. EL-CID says:

    Ayers, you are truly a small and worthless little man. If I could wring that little
    chicken neck of yours I would….but instead here’s what I PROMISE you I will do.

    When you do finally die (please God make it soon & painful) I will grab a 6 pack, go to your grave at 2am and piss all over your headstone. I promise. No idle boast this Billy-boy,
    so crow all you want……I’ll Ice up the beer – Import ok?

  6. Fred D. says:

    Just another spoiled rich kid talking about how what they do is the most important thing in the world. Why don’t you donate all of daddy’s money to the families of the Weather Underground victims and families (3 dead total wasn’t it) and then try living only on a teacher’s salary? The real teachers are the ones that don’t have golden parachutes. You aren’t a teacher, you’re just a poser trying to indoctrinate youth in your dangerous and, as proven again and again throughout human history, doomed to failure socialist/communist idiology. Young people sure are impressionable, aren’t they? Your being a teacher is not one single bit nobler than the banker down the street, or the plumber, or the lawyer (yes, I said it) trying to make a living for their families. At least they aren’t criminals (or murderers) that are lucky to not be in jail because of a technicality (if anyone should love lawyers, it should be you).

    You met Obama in New York didn’t you? Sometime around the protest at Kennedy Airport which cost a man his eyesight? Convinced him to move to Chicago? Helped him start his political career with foundation work? Wrote his first book? Been working on this a long time, haven’t you? Not everybody is clueless…..

  7. Nebraska One says:

    Hannah, he may work with children now, 40 years ago he was endangering their lives. Oh, and he’s not apologized for it.

  8. ellara says:

    Anyone who can read knows what your agenda is and always has been….you and your wife and your friend Obama really creep me out……you should be ashamed of yourselves….you don’t deserve to live in the USA…doesn’t that load of hate you’re carrying around get heavy? Like Fred D above said, “Not everyone is clueless.”

  9. john holder says:

    wow. it almost sounds like the nutjobs are really out for you, sir. they’re the kind who think only in black and white and suspiciously incomplete sentences. i’ll tell ya, patriotism (jingoism, nationalism, kill ’em all-ism, whatever you call it) sure brings out the sicko in some people, no? i fear for your safety, sir. i’m afraid you’re probably inextricably linked to soon-to-be-named-greatest-president-in-the-universe bafrack obama; unfortunately for you, that means your name sits right beside his for the freaks out there looking for someone to hate. stay safe, sir. i’d especially avoid orlando, ny, dallas, and boston, because that mark carbone fellow seems to be the most fragmented one of the bunch (although one must give style points to the fellow who promises–sincerely, it would seem–to find your grave and “piss” on it). you don’t need encouragement from a stranger, i am sure, so i’ll leave with the notion that one can not please all the crazies all the time without a large bag of hashish, which i would recommend to mr jack sprat.

  10. Shana says:

    My copy of “To Teach” arrived at my local Borders yesterday- So far, I’ve only read the Foreword and Introduction but I’m already enchanted by your passion and eloquent expression of the potential of education and of educators. (I’m saving the rest of the book for an upcoming three days of boredom in a hotel room between meetings)

    Some of my charity work involves teaching teens about the criminal justice system through a mock court convened annually and I think that “To Teach” is going to help me to become a much better advisor to the young people who participate in the program.

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